The Keith McFarland Review

Economic discussions thru Sports, Green Energy, Music & Technology Reporting
Simply put, I am full of accounting experience, which incorporates an ideal analytical mindset.  Multi-talented, from accounting roles related to Manager, Administrator, Corporate, Budget, and Instructor.  
Today's income is sourced from technical support work; Using a simple strategical formula, our truer source of income and profitability is being positioned to come from day trading short-term; and, then company acquititions long-term.  My methodology is solid.  Unfortunately, in a past effort, extaordinary factors, inclusive of no financing, kept me sidelined.
Yet, with successes or failures, there's continued confidence for building relationships among people whom move forward the right way, share high energy; full of self motivation; progressive thinkers; and interact well on societal topics and among diverse groups, despite their own positioning.
In other words, striving for economic success is neither limiting nor limited in possibilities of how you reach it.  The goal often is about aligning yourself with those whom truly are willing to support your endeavors.
Furthermore, from those ashes of failure,  writing with provided a pathway into coverage of sports to innovation; and led me toward creating a future platform labeled Keith McFarland Research Institute on Economic Issues.  Established in Charlotte, NC, in August 2011.
We have now secured the domain, and once financing is in place, we plan to operate out of South Carolina, which is where we reside.
I hold a BS and MS in Accounting, along with a Juris Doctor, though neither an attorney, nor having taken the bar.
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