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Credential Media Coverage, Freelance Journalist, Emerging Entrepreneur
The vast amount of events & data reflect many business changes in a more digitalized society.  My media work started over 7 years ago, publishing articles with, now absorbed into AXS.  This opportunity took me across the US, contributing to my continued growth in technology and sports reporting.  Actually, my first step into writing eventually become a published book, 'Green Economics - Rethinking America, A Path through Charlotte, NC
Our ultimate resource growth will incorporate day trading, coupled with a next step of company acquisition.  Accordingly, we do seek financing support from private and angel investors. 

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Researcher, Analyst, & Reporter
Bringing insightful thought, so you are more engaged into taking actions.
  1. ACC Football
  2. ACC Women's Basketball Tournament
  3. Published Author
  4. International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas NV
  5. CIAA Basketball Tournament
  6. Consumer Electronics Week, NYC
  7. NASCAR Coca Cola 600
  8. Nexia Home Intelligence Systems
  9. World Business Forum, NYC
  10. NIT Women's Basketball Tournament
  11. World Innovation Forum, NYC
  12. Inaugural conference on the Economics in Women’s Sports, NYC
  1. Coverage of Int'l Consumer Electronic Show
  2. Coverage of Innovation and Business Forums
  3. Coverage of Women's College Basketball Tournaments
  4. NASCAR the Multi-Billion Dollar Industry in North Carolina
    Keith McFarland, on NASCAR Economics
  5. Davos 2016 World Economic Forum
    The Global Outlook for 2016
Credential Media, and Freelance Journalist
We all understand there's significant information and marketing directed toward us; from artificial intelligence, cloud technology, drones, IoT security, 3d Printing, and social media.  Time to process scarce; participatory or reactionary time even scarcer.
Our publishing articles began with (now AXS).  The ending of has presented us with the occassion to brand our style of reporting.  A focus that can merge economic points of view in the coverage of sports, technology, music, and green energy; while also bridging their relationships.

In addition, we can now do more freelance assignments, and offer an unique surrogate service.  Its for those unable to attend some conference, but still needing the valuable content & contacts, via an unbias perspective.  As an Independent Contractor, we'll be your eyes and ears.  After the event, expect a report of journalistic insight.
Our freelance service is available to entities that need media coverage on an event; perhaps a sporting contest, their own summit, a consumer show.  The article(s) will be provided or published as agreed upon.
Furthermore, we welcome contact from serious investors to finance our stock and company acquition goals.